Virabhadrasana Yoga Posture And Its Benefits

Today, yoga has become very important for human beings to achieve physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and spiritual peace. We should include it in our routine. This engagement at the spiritual level through yoga means the joining of individual consciousness together with universal consciousness. On a really practical level, yoga is an important tool to balance our body, mind, and emotions. Yoga is also a way to live our life. Yoga first benefits our outer body.

If we understand the word Yoga, it gives two important meanings. One is to add and the other is samadhi. Both of these meanings are important because it is very difficult to reach samadhi until we connect with ourselves. Today our life has become very busy and our routine has become such that it is very difficult to keep ourselves healthy, but yoga is the reason that we are able to keep our health comfortable in this stressful life. We can assess the benefits of yoga physically, but we are unable to assess the mental and respiratory benefits of yoga.

We cannot express the benefits of yoga in words, yet we tell you about the benefits of yoga. Yoga gives us complete health benefits. It keeps our weight balanced. It gives us mental peace. Yoga improves the immunity of our body. Doing regular yoga increases our energy. Today we will tell you in this article a lot of information about “Virabhadrasana” like how Virabhadrasan is performed and benefits of Virabhadrasana etc.

This is one of the many Yogasan yoga that has many important benefits in our body, which is called “Virabhadrasana”. We also know Virabhadrasana as Warrior Pose. Virabhadrasana is named after Virabhadra, an avatar of Lord Shiva. These yoga poses to strengthen the muscles of our shoulders, thighs, hands, and waist.

How to do Virabhadrasana?

  • To perform Virabhadrasana, first of all, spread your legs and stand upright at a distance of 3 to 4 feet.
  • Now, rotate your right leg by 90 degrees and rotate your left foot by 15 degrees.
  • Raise both your hands to equal your shoulders and open the palms of both hands towards the sky.
  • Move your head towards the right. Look ahead.
  • Now stabilize your body and pull your arms slightly by joining both hands.
  • Now raise both hands while breathing.
  • Exhaling, bring both hands down from your arm.
  • Do this asana in the same way from the left. In fact, if you do this asana regularly, it proves very beneficial for you.

The benefit of Virabhadrasana: 

We already know that Virabhadrasana has two postures. Performing the first posture gives strength to the feet, and the vibration in our feet goes away. The second posture of Virabhadrasana is also similar to the first one but we do this Yogasana by standing in one place. By doing this yoga, there is a stretch between our arms and shoulders, and due to this, our chest also starts to stretch, which is very beneficial for our lungs. By doing this yoga, our body is less prone to diseases, or we can say that this yoga reduces the chances of getting diseases. Performing Virabhadrasana brings agility to our body. If we do this posture properly, then it is very beneficial to give us relief from joint pain.

  • Strengthens the body.
  • While doing Virabhadrasana, the pressure on our waist, knees, shoulders, and hands increases, due to which it strengthens our waist, knees, shoulders, hands. It also relieves pain in them.
  • Helpful in maintaining balance.
  • By doing Warrior Pose, there is a stretch in different parts of our body which helps in maintaining balance in our body.
  • Enhances tolerance.
  • While performing Virabhadrasana, tension arises in our body which we can easily tolerate.
  • If we do it regularly then we get used to it and it increases our tolerance.
  • Eliminates the feeling of discord.
  • Also, it is also very useful in the tightness of our shoulders, which removes the stiffness of the shoulders and gives them consciousness.
  • Relieves shoulder strain.
  • In our sleep or routine, we sometimes make many such mistakes which cause stress in our shoulders, and with the help of this Yogasana, we can remove this stress very easily.
  • Helps increase patience.
  • With Warrior Pose Yoga, we gain the ability to endure any formidable situations by increasing our patience.
  • In providing mental peace by removing stress.
  • By doing Virabhadrasana regularly, our mind concentrates, which removes our mental tension and also increases mental peace.

Other benefits of Virabhadrasana

  • Its practice keeps the blood flow balanced.
  • Controls digestion and keeps it strong.
  • Cures stomach diseases.

Conclusions: In the above article, We read about Warrior Pose Yoga and also got information about how to do it. At the same time, we learned why it is beneficial for our life and what is the effect of this Yoga on human life. If you do this regularly then you will definitely get the benefit. You can know more about yoga asana posture by joining 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.