Top Online Stores Where Bitcoin Is Accepted

If you have been regularly following cryptocurrency regulation news, then you must have grasped all about current developments in the crypto world. Cryptocurrency, as you know, is now decades-old technology marking since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. Bitcoin, a popular name is now considered to be an asset, which is worth holding. Currently, there are many online stores where Bitcoin is accepted as a mode of payment. There is nothing impossible in buying anything with Bitcoin ranging from plane tickets, home goods, pizza, and so on. So today, we are bringing you the list of top online stores that accept Bitcoin as payment. Find the list below:


We live in a modern world where travelling has now become much simpler in comparison to olden times. Well, you can call it an emergence of new advanced technologies, and Bitcoin is one such example to quote. Yes, you heard it right. Now, it is easy to plan your trip with this well-known cryptocurrency. Coming on to one of the top online stores accepting Bitcoin is Expedia. This online store ranks among the best online booking agencies. Since 2014, this popular online store has been preferring BTCs as a mode of payment. To execute this newbie payment mode, Expedia is known to have partnered with Coinbase, which has resulted in major success. 


Coming on to another name in the list of online stores accepting Bitcoin is Microsoft. We all are familiar with this top giant tech company, which has also welcomed Bitcoin as a payment method. If you add Bitcoins to your Microsoft account, then you can avail of the benefits of getting anything including games licensed by Windows 10, apps, and movies. However, they recently halted the use of Bitcoins due to volatility issues, but have once again resumed their payment service in accepting Bitcoin as payment.

The next option starting from the name of cryptocurrency itself is As the name suggests, you must be thinking about dealing with T-shirts only, but it is not so. This online retail store also has expertise in other Bitcoin merchandises including coffee mugs, posters, hats, etc. The reason which makes standout among its competitors is its fabulous creative designs.


The next popular name in the list of top online stores is CheapAir. This American-based flight booking service permits payment done by using any of the cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Bitcoin payment is applicable for both international and domestic flight bookings. If you want to avail of the benefits of Bitcoin payment mode by CheapAir, then it is mandatory to have a Coinbase wallet. 


Do you know Bitcoin’s first use as payment was for two pizzas 10 years back? There was a guy who spent 10K on it. Now, your favourite and lip-smacking food can be purchased by Bitcoin at PizzaForCoins. This online store locates the pizza venture nearby to your place, and then it permits you to place an order for pizza and do payment, digitally. There is a small fee included for service with the final paying price. 


Like the above top online stores, Shopify is also a well-known e-commerce platform in the world. This platform permits merchants to establish their online shops and indulge in selling goods to online biggies, including eBay, Amazon, and others. Dating back to 2013, Shopify merchants were facilitated with choosing Bitcoin as a payment option, with service BitPay. 


Way back in 2014, a huge online retailer store, like Overstock, took the initiative in accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment. This online store lets users make payments by Bitcoin for any product among the plethora of available options like pillows, computers, home products, laptops, and many other useful items. It stands among the top online stores for purchasing items with Bitcoin.

More Stamps Global

Among the list of the top online stores is More Stamps Global. According to an announcement made by this online store, around 40 distinctive cryptocurrencies will be accepted as a mode of payment. With a plethora of these digital currencies, it is least to expect the absence of Bitcoin. With More Stamps Global, you can choose any travel packages, flights, hotel bookings, or even car rentals.


Akin to CheapAir, there is another top online store, Travala. It is a booking website, especially for hotels and accommodation consisting of a catalogue listed with the number of hotels. Currently, it has also taken initiative in accepting Bitcoin and as payment. 


So these are some of the top online stores that are accepting bitcoins as a mode of payment method. The ones which have been mentioned in the blog are well-known stores, having good backing from the community and are also rated as the best online stores. This indicates that they are safe enough to be trusted upon. If you have any plans to own bitcoins and spend them online, then you won’t have regrets in choosing any of these online stores. To know any new interesting update about Bitcoin, better stick to the latest news on Bitcoin and get to know everything about Bitcoin.

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