Top 10 Ways To Re-engage Your Subscribers Through Emails

Nowadays, to get the attention of the people on the internet, you have to win the contest known as online marketing. Among several techniques in this marketing, email marketing is the most effective one. Many marketers believe that marketing through emails doesn’t pay any price. But many pieces of research have proven that it has given a quick boost to hundreds of startups. The fact that these marketers fail to get any results is because they do not re-engage with their subscribers. Re-engagement is crucial for an email marketing service. In this article, I will tell you some ways to re-engage your subscribers through emails. So, let us get started!

10 Ways To Re-engage Your Subscribers Through Emails

1. Create Relevant Emails

No one wants to be a part of a business that does not treat them right. By not treating them right, I mean, the company doesn’t care about the people to whom they are sending emails. These organizations send whatever they want. It’s crucial to send relevant emails to the people because every individual has a particular choice.  

2. Describe The Inactives

You have to define as much as inactive as you can to your list. By doing so, you do not miss any individual while sending the emails again. Those subscribers who have not clicked and viewed your emails can be there in your inactive list. Preparing this list is crucial for you because these subscribers are creating obstacles in gaining profits. 

3. Trim The List

Now, after you have made the list of inactive, you can trim it further. There is no need to create relevant emails for the individuals who will never show interest in your band in the future. Eliminate all of them and start focusing on the useful ones. You should never waste your time and money on the wrong people.  

4. Monitor Your List

Many marketers prepare a massive list of subscribers and think they have performed well. But, they are not sure what their list means to them. A reality that lies behind email marketing is you cannot get all the dead subscribers back. It is an impossible task! A thing you can do here is to monitor your list again. You can focus on your dead subscribers again after monitoring and trimming the list.

5. ReCreate The Relationship

Here, I am talking about the subscribers who have successfully responded to your mails. You have to first approach them by greeting them again. Be as casual as possible because you are meeting your old subscribers who once were active customers to your platform. Try to put engaging content for them and tell them about your new offers and discount coupons.

6. Include The CTAs

Call To Actions always play a crucial role in email marketing. You must include CTAs while approaching your dead subscribers through your emails. You can add a link to your email that allows your subscriber to continue receiving emails through your platform. CTAs also help you to know the people who are still interested in your business. 

7. Provide Options To Subscribers

Through your emails, you can offer two choices to your subscribers. One option could be to deliver breaking news to them on your new offers, and the second one could be to give tech reviews on new products coming in the market. When you give more than one choice to your subscriber, he or she will re-engage with your platform. 

8. Use Facebook Custom Audiences

The Facebook Custom Audiences is a feature where you can target your emails from the customized list of your audiences on Facebook. Yes, this feature allows you to integrate your emails with Facebook. Your customers may be active on Facebook. So, when they would receive emails, chances are they will be happy to interact with you. 

9. Don’t Flood With Emails

Sending too many emails to your subscribers can make them leave you instead of re-engagement. Many marketers make this mistake. They deliver hundreds of emails to all their dead subscribers. You cannot take risks again and again. Learn from your mistakes and slow down your speed of transferring emails. 

10. Update Your List

Those people who have responded to your emails are the valuable ones now. Now, you can update your list and include them. Be more friendly with them since they have again shown faith in your brand. Create an individual list of them and make sure to send engaging emails from time to time.


So, in this article, you have seen how to re-engage your subscribers through emails. Your subscribers might lose interest in you because you made them do so. The more you learn from mistakes, the better you get in the industry. In India, there are plenty of email marketing companies ready to help you out. They can help you get the re-engagement you are missing. Finally, I would like to say that you must never avoid your dead subscribers because they can help you go big in the future. 

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