Keeping Rhythm With Sleep Cycle | Mantra To Stay Healthy

Tired of tossing and turning at night? Or scrolling the random images and quotes on your phone? At some or the other point of life, our sleeping habits start following the schedule of the nocturnal creatures like owls,  and many more. Sometimes random thoughts keep bugging our head, trapping us into the constant loop while other times we think that our energy tends to boost up to 10x while working at night and in both the cases we end up waking whole night. But in any case, playing with your circadian rhythm can turn you unhealthy and a nincompoop. In this article, let us try to understand how we can maintain our sleep cycle and enjoy and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Mantras For Rhythmic Sleep Cycle

Sleeping is directly connected to our physical and recently hyped mental health. Falling short of it could take a serious toll on daytime energy, productivity while doing your work, emotional balance and also one of the major concern of your life, i.e. your weight. So to maintain the rhythm of your sleep cycle, you can try a few of the mantras or trips from following:

  • Have a regular sleep schedule means the same time for sleeping and waking up (Ya! You can skip the weekends though!).  can maintain the cycle by switching your lights offa half-hour before your sleep schedule (for a buffer) or start reading some boring article if you are getting trouble while sleeping. Similarly, for waking up you all know about alarm clocks (not in the phone!) or you can ask any of the elders in your house to wake you up initially. Witha proper schedule, your internal clock can optimize your productivity. To get the sound sleep at night, you need to be smart about napping and fight with after-dinner drowsiness.
  • Regular exercise (30 minutes can be enough) can help in improving the symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea, increasing the quality of your sleep. You can add hatha yoga, walking after dinner, cycling, dancing or any physical activity in your schedule. Do remember, you must exercise either in the morning or evenings but not before 3 hours of sleep.
  • Eat and drink smartly, especially before bedtime. Limited caffeine and nicotine won’t add to the problems in your sleeping cycle. Avoiding heavy meals, alcohol and drinking too many liquids at night might help you in getting the sleep at the scheduled time. You can try some of the snacks like banana, milk or yoghurt before slipping down to bed which may aid you in better sleep.
  • Wind down and clear your head can before going to bed can help you in relaxing your body and mind. Worries, stress, anxiety, insecurity and number of problems may make your head heavy and intrude while you try to sleep. Taking a warm bath, listening to soft music or audiobooks, dimming to soothing lights might help in lowering down the tension related to problems and can calm your mind.

Thus, peaceful bedtime routine and a healthy sleep cycle can help you in focussing your daytime routine with better results.

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