How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans for your Body Type

The magnificent era of great beautiful ball gowns where wearing the right wig was part of the entire ensemble sadly died with the french revolution. Too bad about the cake though.


It has been long foretold by great designers that established style and fashion as a masterpiece in the world of art and culture, that it is all about grace, composure and confidence that sets you apart in a crowd coupled with colors and style that compliments your curves. Over the years, many trends came and went but there were some evergreen pieces of fashion that made their mark in history and have continued to be permanent and welcome residents in our closets for years. 


Combination of subtle colors worn in style with the right accessories has been in for years now, where denim has stayed our best friend, ready to turn an outfit into a statement look. Denim took over the fashion world with jeans for different body types to jackets to tops even and we still can’t get enough. Denim taught us that it is all about finding the right look and jeans for your body type.

Understanding your Body Type

There is nothing like a good or bad body type. No two women or men would have the exact same curves and body shapes. We are all different but yes we do resemble close to a certain shape that can actually be quite helpful in guiding us towards our personal and perfect style, especially when we question how to find the right jeans to jeans.

For women, the silhouettes have been summarised  into basically 5 categories – 


  • Strawberry
  • Banana 
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Hourglass


A strawberry shaped figure basically narrows as it goes downwards like an inverted triangle. Shoulders are the widest part of your body with your bottom part of the body carrying little to no weight in hips and thighs.

Girls with strawberry shape figures enjoy the most part in styling with jeans as most weight is focused on the upper body. The key component in your style is to play with the right accompaniment to your jeans, especially the ones that take focus off your broad shoulders while complimenting the rest of the curves.


  • What to wear


Any kind of jeans as you are one the lucky ones who probably will have slender legs and bottom body that would compliment almost any bottom wear paired with simple tops with flattering neck cuts like v- neck or empire-waist top to highlight your breasts. 


Women that fit into this category have a pretty straight figure with fewer curves than normal including square shoulders and a line down figure to slim bust, waist and hips of almost the same figures. The main idea when styling with jeans is to add more roundness to your flat bottom to make it more womanly. In order to achieve this look you can go either way with low riding jeans or high waisted ones that will do the job. Not to forget, women of this figure generally are blessed with slim and long legs which are perfectly suited for denim wear.


  • What to wear 


Feminine styling and soft looking clothing with lace, bows or ruffles to add softness and femininity to your look. Wearing structured clothes like a blazer to give hints to a defined figure in the waistline, creating a more womanly illusion.


The women in this category need to divert the focus from their midsection area as they carry most of their weight in the waist with the upper part of the body in proportion in the lower half and have slimmer legs and hips. In such a situation styling yourself in clothing that allows the illusion of an elongated body can work wonders by creating curves in your midsection with the help of tops that define your waist or accessories like belts that can highlight your waistline. 


  • What to wear


In terms of bottomwear, bootleg jeans that will create the illusion of an elongated figure and denims with mid-rise waist that can support the stomach will be more comfortable and poised. Tops with a waist dip to detail the midsection or the ones that end between your upper thighs and hips like tunic tops to create length and slim down shape.


Pear shaped body type is one the most common types covering a large percentage of women in the world who have small shoulders and a petite waistline as their slimmest part of the body with hips being the widest area of the body carrying the most weight. While styling for your figure it is better to highlight your waist as it is already defined and slim which will effectively take the focus off the extra weight around the hips. Try to even out the figure by bulking up at the breast area to create proportion to the figure. Unlike apple shape, pear shaped should incline towards adding clothing with ruffles and accessories to create the illusion of a fuller chest area.


  • What to wear


Jeans that sit right below your waist or bootcut style in dark shades to add length and slimness to your lower body. Loose bottom wear to give room to hips and thighs just make not too loose as it may make your lower body bigger. Couple the look with wrap tops or any top or accessory that highlights your defined waist should do the job.


Hourglass being considered the perfect body shape and desired by most women has the shape of a coke bottle with a full bust and hips complimenting a tiny waist making a proportionate figure of shoulders being the same width as the hips. Women of this figure tend to spread the extra weight evenly around the body. But this body type does not come without its fair share of downfalls for being more prone to large breasts and hips. So styling has to be in check with the general rule of not wearing too baggy clothes which may only make you look bigger than you already are. Trick in how to find the right jeans for body type to mold with the body shape instead of changing it.


  • What to wear


For a simple classic look, low rise jeans with a bootcut paired with simple V-neck top will compliment the figure. Choosing a jeans with a flare while making sure the flare does not exceed the width of the shoulders is necessary. Skinny jeans in dark colors that highlight and slim down your hourglass curves will definitely create a stunning figurine.