How Chocolates And Health Compliments

Chocolates and health are considered as oxymorons and most of us have a picture in mind that chocolates are the food products which signifies the unhealthy lifestyle. It is considered as the source of gaining weight, making the young children obese and lethargic. But, as per the medical experts, all chocolates are not bad one especially the dark chocolates having the low sugar content. In this article, let us know the impacts of chocolates in promoting healthy life.

Chocolates And Health Benefits

  • According to several medical pieces of research, flavonoids in chocolates can help you to stay healthy as it aids our veins and arteries to be supple. Also, having a dose of dark chocolate in a week can help you in reducing the risks of heart attack and strokes.
  • Surprisingly, chocolates can assist you as a memory booster by developing cognitive functioning, especially when the chocolates are prepared from cocoa extracts.
  • One of the medical research foundations in London revealed that women who were served with chocolates containing a high percentage of cocoa and less sugar were able to withstand double the amount of UV lights our skin can handle without impacting with burns and tanning.
  • Prof David Kennedy, Director of Brain, Research and Nutrition at the Research Centre of Northumbria University, UK concluded after the study on few of the participants (for a month) that 500 mg of flavanols in a hot cocoa drink per day can increase the blood flow in the brain and offers the ability to think and solve the complex mathematical problems.
  • Many of the youngsters, especially the people with high mood swings might be aware of the fact that chocolates can help in cheering them up by making them happier and tension free.
  • Some might get shocked after knowing the fact that chocolates can help in lowering down the cholesterol level. The Journal of Nutrition published one of the studies which light up the theory that dark chocolate can affect the levels of LDL cholesterols. The addition of plats of sterols in dark chocolate showed wonders in reducing the cholesterol levels.
  • Chocolates can aid the people suffering from Alzheimer’s as one of the extracts from cocoa known as lavado can reduce the damage of nerve pathways to the brain and improve mental functions.
  • One of the magical ingredients of chocolate called epicatechin can help a person in living a much fitter and stronger life but on a condition that one has to limit the amount from bar to square per week.
  • In this competitive world, most of us suffer from the problem of blood pressure or one of the member suffers from the same. Blood pressure can be balanced by adding the chocolate in your routine. It contains the correct amount of Nitric Oxide which can offer the relaxation to the arteries, resulting in reduced pressure.
  • Chocolates and health seem to be interconnected as it not only affects the physical but mental health also. It produces the endorphin in your body which plays a key role in combating depression and other mental disorders.


Thus, a square piece of dark chocolate a day can keep the doctor away!!

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