Can Online Shopping For Sports Goods Challenge The Traditional Brick And Mortar Sports Stores

Presently, in the era of COVID-19, masks and sanitisers are expected to intrude in our way of life with shoppers anticipate avoiding the physical stores, retailers exploring the newer ways like appointment-based entries to shopping, contactless payment systems and one of the most commonly seen approach is going online from offline to push the sales. As per the CEO of Retailers Association of India, “For offline stores, social distancing or the hygiene standards will be a key component”. As per the recent surveys, Indian industries are expected to lose at least 40% of business if they do not turn to online stores with the best online deals India. In this article, let us specifically discuss the industry associated with sports goods. Let us discuss if they can comfortably shift from the brick and mortar architecture to online websites network.


The sports and toys market in India was expected to reach $15 billion by the end of 2020 before the pandemic which was growing at a compounded annual growth of 30-35 per cent. The demand for sports goods was constantly increasing, people were turning into stores in the neighbourhood to those big branded showrooms in the mall, before the pandemic started. But as that the lockdown got started with people more focussing on the fitness along with working at their home, the noticeable shift from physical to online shopping has been recorded. Various global brands are trying to lower down their expenditures and shifting to the online store to reach across the globe and touch their sales targets. Since the people are preferring to stay at their homes and shop the sportswear and other products to keep up with their fitness, various brands try to boost up their products with the best online deals and the

best online coupons (And actually they are working!)


According to Sumedha Mahajan, founder of Brakefree (online shopping platform of sportswear), the website has been seeing the increase in demand on their platform. Though there are still limited retailers and brands to cater to the segment of sports goods with the best discount offers in e-commerce due to limited awareness and outreach. Online sports retail is a small segment but is growing at a faster pace with the growth rate of almost 30 per cent. Remaining hopeful with the currency rate of growth and increasing interest of consumers in online shopping of sportswear and other sports products provided with the best online shopping deals, it can be advocated the web platforms have the capability to challenge the brick and mortar retail stores.


Some of the factors like the increasing awareness for a healthy lifestyle and fitness training been certainly made easier by the various apps and youtube videos, pushing the community to buy the sportswear like track pants, yoga wears, exercising shoes along with various products like dumbbells, yoga mats, fitbits and many more. Also, the changing trend of working from home is allowing the wide community to spend some time for their physical health besides eating healthy. Another factor which is captivating the interest is the number of online promo codes or online promotion code offered by the e-commerce websites. In my personal opinion, if I can select from thousands of varieties by spending only an hour on my laptop with the best cashback offers and the product got to deliver to my home, then I would love to do the online shopping of sports goods.

Thus, it can be concluded that some of the changes are undoubtedly temporary, others can be permanent. As the community will move beyond the mode of survival, the digital adoption momentum is likely to move forward and might become permanent. 

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